Research shows that learning in the later stages of life can boost confidence, give residents a more positive outlook on life and delay on the onset of dementia. L4A believes that there is a gap in provision of educational and learning services to people who live in care homes and seeks to address this gap.

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L4A intends to:

  • Encourage older people to follow up existing interests or develop new ones, using a multimedia range of resources
  • Support learners with their individual needs by a trained learning mentor working with them on a one-to-one basis, using appropriate resources for each learner and taking into account their physical needs
  • Promote the value of education as a tool for increasing wellbeing, giving a more positive outlook on life, increasing confidence and delaying the onset of dementia.
  • Work towards raising the expectations that residents, relatives and society have for the quality of life and mental stimulus for the elderly, especially for those in care.

A long-term goal of L4A is to encourage Care Quality Commission (CQC) to strengthen the standards for social care inspection to include effective mental simulation as a threshold requirement and one-to-one learning, complemented by group learning as the norm.

Here is a video that sums up our work well:

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