Our New Project – SPECS


L4A is excited to be delivering the SPECS Project!

SPECS stands for SilverDreams Project for Empowerment and Creativity in Care Settings. This project supports older people living in care settings and receiving care at home or in the community to create their own films. Using cleverly designed technology, older people can wear ‘videospectacles’ that enable what they see to be recorded, enabling us to see their world through their eyes.

SPECS aims to support older people in creating two types of films:

  • Reflective reminiscence life stories
  • A ‘day in my life’ points of views

SPECS also involves piloting in domiciliary care settings. Interested in supporting this as a volunteer? Or maybe you know an older person who would benefit from learning at home? If so, please get in contact with Clare Miles: clare.miles@l4a.org.uk

Finally, SPECS involves trying to find different sources of volunteers. Currently around 90% of our volunteers are under 25 and we hope to be able to diversify this by bringing in ‘third agers’ and more volunteers aged over 50. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to volunteer, regardless of your age!

SPECS is funded by the Silver Dreams Fund, which is part of The Big Lottery Fund in conjunction with The Daily Mail.

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