Success for young volunteer Hamish!


Hamish joined L4A as a volunteer because he was looking to gain experience in working with older people, in care settings and relevant for when he applied to medical school.

We have just received word that he has been accepted into medical school in Exeter and he will be starting next month. We are really pleased for him – well done, Hamish! We are also even more delighted that he is looking forward to continuing his work as a volunteer with L4A during university holidays, too.

He says: “a lot of skills that the medical school admissions tutors look for in personal statements and interviews such as communication, teamwork, organisation are all covered in the Learning Mentor role so it can really help a potential medical school (or other healthcare profession) applicant.

“I have been a learning mentor since March last year and have really enjoyed it and I believe it will be a very valuable experience for my university degree and future career. I received my A-Level results and did a lot better than I expected and my place at the University of Exeter Medical School has been confirmed which I am very pleased about. The experience gave me a lot to talk about in my personal statement and interviews and I believe it was very useful in receiving an offer from University.”

We all wish Hamish the best of luck in Exeter and are sure he will excel in his chosen career as a doctor. We hope that he will remember specifically the person-centred way of working that L4A shared with him, to bring learning and laughter into the lives of his future patients and to always remember that you are never too old – there is no such thing! See you over the Christmas holidays.

Have you gained from volunteering with L4A? If so, how? Do let us know as we are always looking to support the continuing development of our volunteers, celebrate their successes and to keep in touch with past volunteers as ongoing supporters of our work in care homes with older people. Email or your volunteer coordinator with details so we can make a suitable case study.

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