Intergenerational remembrance


Our tactile textiles project has been bringing together people of different generations in Evington. Linden primary school has been twinned with nearby Pilgrim care home so that older and younger people can pair up and undertake shared craft activities.

Activities are themed every week and collages made of poppies were a big hit during remembrance week.


94 year old Sidney is pictured here with 9 year old Aayush. Sidney captured all the childrens’ attention telling of his service in the RAF during the war. They worked together to create collages of poppies during the week of remembrance.

celia-and-saimaAnother pairing for the same session were Saima and Celia. “I didn’t think the elderly liked being around children but as soon as I came here I realised that we have a lot in common – the elderly are very interesting”, said Saima, who clearly had an eye opening and enjoyable day working together with Celia.

More information about our tactile textiles project is available here. Similar activities are underway almost every week between the care home and school, facilitated by L4A’s Fiona Smith.

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