Volunteer Awards at Leicester Ageing Together


L4A has been working hard to deliver exciting projects to some of Leicester’s oldest people as part of Leicester Ageing Together, including one lady who was 108 years old when taking part in a project with children aged 9… she is now 109!


There are 16 partners altogether and everyone was invited to nominate volunteers. We were proud to nominate our wonderful volunteers Dee and Viv, as well as the children from Linden Primary.

All the volunteers were individually applauded, given a certificate and a little gift pack of biscuits and then the names went into a hat and one was pulled out to get a prize of a gift voucher. It was a really great thing to have the kids there with the headteacher and the teaching assistant who normally comes with them to visit the care home.

We are really proud and grateful of everything that all of our volunteers achieve to improve the quality of life for older people receiving care in Leicester and Leicestershire. It was great to be able to recognise some of them in this way.

This is part of Leicester Ageing Together and is funded by The Big Lottery Fund

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