For the Fine Art and Love of Knitting


imageResidents of Holloway House in Quorn, Leicestershire meet up weekly to knit a variety of pieces such as; blankets, scarfs, hats, gloves etc. for ‘Knit for Peace’ who are a charity who send these pieces across the world to the less fortunate. These phenomenal and charismatic women beamed with delight as they explained how they “love it!” and “enjoy” the work that they do and are even happier that their passion and love for knitting “goes to good places”. As well as sending pieces to the less fortunate they also make twiddle muffs which is used by dementia patients which they often use to calm down when distressed.

Knitting is good for your joints and can be a good focus point which often gives a great sense of satisfaction and boosts peoples’ self-esteem when pieces are completed.

Phyllis (aged 90) has been knitting for 85 years and explained how she spends most of the day knitting and knits a lot of her own clothes and can even knit a blanket within a week!

May (aged 83) has been knitting for 75 years and often knits clothes for her children and knit for peace and even uses her own wool to make the pieces. Knitting runs right through the family as she mentioned her daughter was also a knitwear designer.

Once the knitting is done, Dory (aged 97) modestly does all the sewing up and crochets everything together so it is ready to be sent away across the world.

What was evident is the happiness they have when they knit and this happiness is then spread to others when they receive these outstanding and unique pieces.

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