A Fond Farewell to Musical Care Homes 


We launched an exciting project as part of Leicester Ageing Together in 2015 called Musical Care Homes. It was designed to reduce the isolation, loneliness and boredom some older people feel through the use of music.

Musical Care Homes - singing

L4A worked in partnership with Soft Touch Arts for this 18 month long piece of work. We have created a short film to highlight the successes particularly for the older people involved, including those who have dementia, which you can view by following the link:


Active participation in group music-making has been found to impact positively upon physiological and psychological health, to increase happiness amongst individual members and to contribute to enjoyment, personal development and empowerment. Contrary to what some people believe, musical development and progression are entirely possible for older people. Researchers have tested musical aptitude amongst people over the age of 65 and have concluded that capacities for musical development are maintained with age.

David Weight - Learning for the Fourth Age - Thurncourt Care Home - March 2017 8

David Weight - Learning for the Fourth Age - Thurncourt Care Home - March 2017 2

More information about Leicester Ageing Together can be found on their website here where there are lots of exciting activities underway for older people across Leicester to support independence and tackle loneliness.

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