Tom cycles for 12 hours straight to raise £500 for L4A!

Tom cycle 2

At 3am on a cold, rainy and dark Saturday morning in August, Tom March climbed onto a bike at Anytime Fitness Corby, started cycling and did not get off again until 12 hours later. At 3pm, he clambered off the bike having raised £500 for Learning for the Fourth Age and we could not be more grateful. 
Tom cycle 2

Tom is no stranger to fitness challenges and works as a personal trainer. Between all the cyclists on Saturday 5th August, the combined distance achieved together was 270 miles and most of these were achieved by Tom himself who did not stop pedalling at an impressive cadence throughout his challenge.

Tom cycle

With such a huge challenge to undertake, he had spare bikes next to him for other people to join in support. Many people did, including some of his family members and friends, and even our very own CEO (in spite of being almost 7 months pregnant).

Tom cycle 3

It is not too late to sponsor Tom for this huge effort or to donate to our ongoing work here.

And if you need some help with a similar challenge or would like to work with Tom as your personal trainer, please see here for more details or call him on 07739 558171.

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